As Treasurer at one of the UK’s largest Building Societies I had recognised that to develop my career further I needed to not only continue to do well in the specialist parts of my role but also to broaden my executive capabilities. I had worked with Rod previously and felt that his skills and experience would be invaluable to helping me on my journey. Rods’ ability to bring this real-world experience and direct style can make the process challenging as he really does make you think and question yourself, but it is clear that he genuinely wants me to succeed and supports me in my growth. I have been delighted with the progress I have made and look forward to working with Rod over the months ahead.

Lyndon Horwell

Treasurer, Coventry Building Society

Rod has been an invaluable advisor to Guardian Angel. He brings executive knowledge to the table, but also thinks divergently and challenges the status quo – exactly what we needed as a startup. Rod provided support and advice through our sales process and was central to us securing a successful sale to Octopus Group https://octopusgroup.com/newsroom/latest-news/octopus-acquires-guardian-angel/. As a founder I found Rod a partner I could rely on and I suspect we will work together again in the future.

Sam Grice

Founder & CEO, Guardian Angel

During 2021, we worked with Hedgehog, and specifically Alyson and Rod, to address some strategic questions and to help us shape a clear plan of delivery for Reclaim Fund Ltd (RFL). I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome and it is testimony to the hard work of Hedgehog that the plans were approved through the board - facilitated and supported by both Alyson and Rod in the board session - and provide a clear basis that’s now allowing us to move into the delivery phase effectively. Several of our Board members commented on the quality of Hedgehog’s work, the professionalism of the content, and presentation and alignment of Alyson and Rod to the RFL cause. It was a multi-phase piece of work, which meant we were able to confirm progress and effective delivery against agreed outcomes at every stage. This gave the Exec team and I confidence we were progressing to plan and not being forced down a path we weren’t comfortable with. We felt challenged along the way, but this was always appropriate with the objective of getting us to the best outcome possible. Beyond the quality of the strategic thinking, it’s the way Alyson and Rod work as true partners that differentiates them from many of the other consultancies I’ve worked with. They built a strong affinity with both myself and the RFL team that allowed them to push harder than others would be able to. This produced an outcome that exceeded my expectations. It genuinely felt like a true partnership.

Adrian Smith, OBE

CEO, Reclaim Fund Limited

Alyson provided strategic support for the Executive Team at MHFA England. From day one Alyson worked hard to get to know the organisation and the Executive. Alyson’s deft and insightful facilitation of our thinking combined with her strategic clarity was a gift that has fundamentally shaped the way we think and understand the business, the choices we make and the way we communicate. I would definitely work with Alyson again when I need this type of strategic consultancy support.

Simon Blake, OBE

CEO, Mental Health First Aid England

Whilst progressing with our strategy work, Alyson supported us to outline our market needs and our opportunities for growth through designing and building a framework to apply. Throughout, Alyson created such a collaborative environment, provided detailed analysis, and helped us to think differently. The recommendations from this have ensured our leadership team can shape our next steps, ask the right questions and provide clarity and focused data. Alyson is a true professional and expert in this area and it was an absolute pleasure working with her to deliver this piece of work. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again in the future

Head of Client Delivery

B2B Services Business

As a chemical manufacturing business who had performed well through Covid, we came out of the pandemic with a need to get a clearer commercial strategy and operating structure for future growth. As MD I felt I needed some support in helping shape my thinking and I was delighted when our Private Equity investors PHD Holdings recommenced Hedgehog and Rod. I have found Rod to be very straightforward to work with and over the last 7 months we have not only been able to shape a clearer strategy but also recruit a new team to the operating model. Rod is challenging but he does it in a way that reflects the partnership he has built with Technikraft and myself. I am delighted that to say that I have agreed to work with Rod for a further 6 months in a mentor capacity as we begin our growth journey.

Dave Stewart

Managing Director, Technikraft

We asked Hedgehog to work with us as we framed our commercial strategy and plan. Alyson and Rod were able to very quickly understand the complexities of our business - a brand company that builds content - and the criticality of commercial partnerships. With Hedgehog you get none of the fluff, rather you get clear, concise analysis and actionable recommendations. Exactly what I needed to move us forward. Looking forward to working with Hedgehog again in the future.

Founder & CEO

Brand, Content and Campaigns Company

I had the privilege of working with Alyson over a 5-month period on a client engagement in 2022 where Alyson took the role of Customer Strategy and Customer Experience SME. Our programme of work centred on the identification of current customer pain points and the design of future customer journeys for a global cruise and holiday company. Alyson worked brilliantly with our consulting team, challenging constructively to ensure customer and commercial needs were at the heart of what was designed. She worked in a really collaborative way and felt very much like part of the team. Alyson is a consummate professional with a keen eye for both commercial opportunities and winning customer experiences across industries. I cannot wait for the next opportunity to work with Alyson to deliver great outcomes for a client and I strongly recommend her.


Consulting Company

Working with Alyson has been a breath of fresh air. She is a highly skilled and professional coach who has supported me to become a better leader. Alyson helped me to reframe my thinking, which has led to both personal and business success.

UK Exec Team Member

European Fintech Business

In Q1 2020 we engaged Alyson to work with our Executive team at MHFA England to facilitate and guide us in updating our business strategy and strategic plan. I can honestly say that it was some of the most exciting, challenging & rewarding strategic thinking & planning work I’ve ever been involved with. Alyson brought in really clear and thought-provoking frameworks, and led us through a series of workshops to challenge and update our thinking and articulate and summarise in a new strategic plan. She was adept at knowing when to simply facilitate us working through the process, and when to really hold us to account to stick to the principles we’d agreed to guide our approach, and be bold & courageous and push ourselves to make the key & tough strategic choices to ensure our refreshed direction & plan were clear, ambitious, inspiring and truly value-creating. Alyson was an absolute pleasure to work with – and even during the tenser moments, she was able to both lighten the mood and keep us on track within a testing schedule. It was to her credit that the work she led for us stood the test of time, even as the world changed soon after due to the coronavirus pandemic, with a dramatic and immediate impact on the face-to-face training market. I would unreservedly recommend Alyson to lead and facilitate similar strategic planning, and organisational culture, projects.

Neil Westlake-Guy

Former Client Delivery Director, Mental Health First Aid England

Working with Rod as a strategic advisor has been invaluable. He provides a fantastic executive level sounding board and both a strategic and operational insight. His experience across other digital scale-ups has proven incredibly useful as we have implemented our growth plans.

Phil Wedgwood

CEO, Engage Solutions Group

Rod has been a huge asset to our business bringing a wealth of knowledge and appropriate strategic challenge.

Andy Russell

CEO, PerfectHome

Alyson has been a huge support to me personally helping get my strategy on a page ready to present and then workshopping it with my team to build time lines. Alyson has also held a number of sessions with my team and other senior leaders at Nbrown to help improve our strategic thinking. Alyson is a joy to work with and has helped keep me and the team focused.

Jane Reik

Buying Director, NBrown

Alyson supported my team and I with advice & mentoring on how to understand, work with and ultimately sell to large retailers. We worked with her over a few remote sessions, and the time we spent with her was incredibly valuable. The insight into the industry that she shared with us has continued to prove helpful. Though the sessions were several months ago, I still keep the principles she taught us in mind and ensure I apply them when building relationships with new customers and partners.

Taryl Law

CEO, How Do I? (Start-up)

Rod sees the patterns clearly. He articulates both the issues and possible solutions with precision. Rod works well with our board, bringing out all our views, and without fail bringing the board to a consensus position.

David Smith

Partner, DSW Angels

Alyson is a calm, trustworthy, approachable and attentive mentor who has helped not only keep me focused but also made me a better professional and person. Since spending time with Alyson I’ve been able to approach problems in a new light and structure the thinking of not only myself but the wider team to improve our performance overall. Alyson’s experience and approach is extremely valuable, without which I know I would not be where I am today.

James Howgego

Head of Bank Partnerships, Raisin UK